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People Are Talking About Radiant Wisdom Tarot

I have been working with your cards and want to say a big thank you. They have been so right on.

I really love them!  ~ Drew

Thank you! I’m so very impressed! All the negative imagery of Tarot has been taken out and a positive spin

is put on things! The images are gender neutral & gender free. I love the Bridges, that makes sense.

In comparison to other decks this is the most accessible because of its simplicity and directness.

I’m thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!  ~ Denise

I just wanted to let you know that your Tarot deck is astounding. Last night I was doing some familiar

negative thought patterns that I couldn't stop; I decided to pull a single card so that my mind would have

something else to work on. I got the Keeper of Water, Wisdom card. Understanding the difference between

wisdom and knowledge was exactly what I needed, and it ultimately led to an astonishing healing.  ~ Maria

I just wanted to let you know that I bought your deck and book set which arrived yesterday and found it

was even more beautiful than expected, very special and uplifting. The funny thing was, that I was shuffling

it whilst watching a Wayne Dyer DVD, "Wishes Fulfilled", I'm sure you are familiar with it, but if not, it is

about manifesting what you desire through your thoughts and imagination.  While I was shuffling two cards

jumped out from the deck, "Believe" and "Ground".  Definitely what I would call a cosmic moment, if that

isn't a two word description of creating your reality I don't know what is!  I just burst out laughing and said

a  huge thank-you to the Universe. I wanted to say a huge thank-you to you as well for creating this

wonderful deck and book. Love and light to you.  ~ Julie

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You are terrific! I love this set already! Wow! Many Bright Beautiful Blessings.  ~ Brigitte

Just wanted to pass on a kudos - I love the deck - well packaged - beautiful artwork and very great vibes.

You have done a wonderful job. I hope to order another to display and recommend.

Thanks for a job well done.  ~ Sherry

This deck is just what I’ve been looking for. I’m enjoying it!  ~ John

There’s nothing dark about these! I’ve been intimidated by Tarot in the past, but I love this deck!  ~ Donna

I have been taken with so many single or few elements of any of the legion of options available to those

investigating this incredible world and the amazing people in it, and have been lucky enough to have been

blessed with the finest aspects graciously shared with me. But never have I come across anything so

moving as your work, and I am still humbled in the face of it. Truly, I cannot, nor do I expect to ever, any

longer, be anything but warmed, elevated and cheered by it - and thus I am all the more excited for the

guide and the official information that goes along with the striking deck. It will be treasured!  ~ Lilli

I received the deck today and I’ve spent my evening admiring the cards and beginning to read the book. I

highly resonate with these cards. I love the cards themselves, the color, artwork, simple yet radiant, just l

ike the name says!  ~ Monica

I’ve gotten great feedback about your tarot deck. My students find it very enlightening!  ~ Thomas

I love your tarot deck and book. I haven't felt any others to be nearly as clear and positive to me. 

Love all the extra info too, especially the chakra and stone "stuff." I am looking forward to them  becoming

a familiar and regular life tool.  ~ Cari

There’s a unique and new approach to the tarot in town, and it’s providing a clear and concise

interpretation to today’s world. The Radiant Wisdom Tarot by Laughing Womyn Ashonosheni not only

redefines the old standard Major and Minor Arcana… but expands on  their messages and broadens their

purpose in every day life. In addition, she has also added a new suit to the deck which fully brings the

second millennia world into practical use and focus. The 96-card deck is vibrantly illustrated and uses

keywords to help trigger the meaning behind each of the cards. It’s refreshing to see the suit cards

identified elementally (air,  earth, fire, water), each still representative of the elements of the standard tarot

deck (wands, disks, swords, cups).  The broadening of contemporary human experience occurs through

the addition of the Bridges suit.  This tarot deck comes with an eye opening interpretation guide and a

pouch for the cards when not in use.  I have used this deck and have found its messages enlightening and timely. This is a very important tool as well as a good value.  ~ Bob Maidel, artist, Gay Man’s Tarot

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