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Illustrated in 92 vivid cards, Radiant Wisdom Tarot includes:

 22 inspiring cards revealing the messages of the Major Arcana.

70 vibrant cards illuminating the messages of the Minor Arcana.

This deck introduces the unprecedented Suit of Bridges.

This suit is a roadmap to successful manifestation,

providing a valuable bridge between

inspired intention and grounded action.

The Suit of Air

8 ~ I honor the ways of my people.

6 of Air - Tradition

Major Arcana

17 ~ I am deeply thankful.

Marjor Arcana 17 - Gratitude

The Suit of Water

10 ~ We walk together.

10 of Water - Family

The Suit of Bridges

7 ~ I’m fully aligned with what I’m doing.

7 of Bridges - Commit

The Suit of Earth

Nurturer ~ I always have plenty.

Nurturer of Earth - Abundance

The Suit of Fire

3 ~ I grow.

3 of Fire - Growth

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