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                                     7 of Water ~ Mystery

Mystery is everything that exists outside of our current ability to explain,

understand, or prove. It’s the impossible, the unbelievable, the unknown,  

or the extraordinary. Mystery informs us that there’s more going on in

this universe than we can touch or explain. It lives outside of logic,

thriving in the realm of intuition and imagination.

Mystery tells us that right now, the logical and ordinary cannot cast light

into the unknown; we’re dancing with a deeper truth than what can be

seen from those perspectives. That which lives behind the obvious is

ready to become known and we’ll find our way into understanding the

mystery by answering the questions that sit within the questions that we

know how to ask.

Creativity is supported through seeing beyond the known.

When Mystery appears in your reading, find your answers through

clues, intuition, and imagination by looking at the subtleties that appear

around the edges of the obvious. If you’re experiencing a challenge, the

situation will be fully resolved by addressing its true source.

Ease: Expanded perceptual skills and clear communication with Spirit.

To live the ease of this card, look beyond what you know and notice

what you imagine. Lay the imagined beside your wisdom and see what

truth emerges between the two.

To support yourself in living the ease; balance the energy in your throat

and crown chakras. Increase the energy flow through your base chakra.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Azurite, Gem Silica, Sugulite

Effort: Inability to ground in reality, lack of validation, self-doubt.

To live the effort of this card, use mystery to obscure understanding.

To support yourself in living the effort; increase the energy flowing

through your third eye and crown chakras. Decrease the flow of energy

through your base chakra.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Celestite, Geode, Opal

Key Phrase: I live the impossible.


Major Arcana: Spiritual Guide (2), Intuition (18), Consciousness (20)

Astrological: Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house.

                       Pluto in Scorpio oppose Mercury in Taurus.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Colors: black, purple, blue

Rune: Wyrd

Alternate Meaning

The full truth about this situation is not available right now.


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