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Fresh mountain air lifted the flap on the tent and the morning sun warmed Mattie’s face. She and Kalie

were the sleepyheads today. Dad, Mom and TJ were already outside at the campfire getting breakfast ready and

Mattie could hear them talking about today’s plans. She rubbed her eyes a little, trying to wake up the rest of the

way. She was having so much fun camping that it had been very hard to fall asleep last night.

Mattie stretched a little and bumped against Kalie who was sound asleep next to her. Kalie rolled over

and tossed her baby hand across Mattie’s face. Mattie laughed and tickled her awake until Kalie was in full giggle

and crawling out of her sleeping bag. The girls giggled their way out of the tent and across the dry grass that tickled

their feet. They were ready for breakfast now!

Mom and TJ had been up for a long time already. They’d gone for a hike when the sun was just coming

up and found a big bunch of wild strawberries growing right beside the path. They’d eaten enough of the little

berries to know they tasted delicious and then they filled TJ’s green baseball cap with a whole lot more. Now a

bowl of berries was waiting on the table for breakfast. Mattie eyed that bowl wondering how long it would be

before she could eat some of those juicy red berries.  

“Who has a dream story to tell this morning?” Dad asked, bringing the big pan of scrambled eggs to the

table and dishing them up for everyone.

“I do! I do!” Mattie had almost forgotten her favorite dream from last night but now she remembered it

was there and she knew she’d remember even more by telling it.

“Me too!” TJ looked so excited about his dream story that Mattie thought he’d burst if he didn’t get to

tell it first so she sat quietly while he started to talk.

“I was way up on top of a mountain and the wind was blowing from everywhere. It almost blew me over

but I held onto a big black rock.” TJ’s eyes got bigger as he spoke, “I looked up and I could see the sun and the

moon in the sky at the same time! Then, out of nowhere a huge hawk flew past my ear and landed on the rock

right in front of my face!”

Mattie was quite surprised. That was her dream story! She remembered TJ being in her dream but how

could he remember her dream when she hadn’t told it yet?

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