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17 ~ Gratitude

Gratitude is a celebration of all that life encompasses. With complete trust

in ourselves and our connection with All That Is, we’re noticing how good life

is. We genuinely know that all is well and will continue to be so. We’re able

to see how all things work together for the highest good and we flow happily

with the changeable nature of ordinary reality. Through the open channel of

our being, we know how to receive every blessing that comes to us.

Gratitude is one of our havens in life. It rejuvenates us, opening our hearts

and our creativity. It brings us hope and inspires us to stay present when we

encounter difficult experiences or forget to live our highest vision. Gratitude

reminds us that life is indeed a precious adventure.

Creativity is supported through appreciation.

When Gratitude appears in your reading, you have deep appreciation for life’s many aspects.

Express your gratitude outwardly and invite others to join in. Thank Spirit for the gift of another day. Thank

Earth for her continued sustenance. Thank the birds for their songs. Thank other people for being alive.

Ease: Expressing appreciation.

To live the ease of this card, show your sincere appreciation in ways that touch the hearts of others.  

To support yourself in living the ease: Balance the energy in your belly and base chakras. Increase the

energy in your crown and throat chakras.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Green Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Ruby

Effort: Expressing flattery.  

To live the effort of this card, express a greater amount of gratitude or appreciation than you’re

actually feeling.

To support yourself in living the effort: Reduce the flow of energy in your heart chakra and increase the

flow through your throat chakra.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Amber, Clear Quartz Phantom, Iolite

Key Phrase: I am deeply thankful.


Minor Arcana: Suit of Water

                          Individual cards: 1’s and Keepers of all suits

                                 Air: 3  ♦  Fire: Mystic  ♦  Water: 1, 2, 4, 9, Achiever

Astrological: Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th house

Time of Day: Noon

Direction: Below

Element: Spirit

Season: Summer

Chakras: Base, Solar Plexus, Crown

Colors: yellow, gold, red

Rune: Wunjo