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7 ~ Success

Success tells us that we can do it. Whatever it is, the necessary timing,

opportunities, and skills are available and we’re capable of using them well.

Trust and self-confidence are high and our whole being is aligned with

succeeding at whatever we choose to do.

The path to success in all endeavors is very clear, it’s always some  

combination of the following:

► Define the goal clearly.

► Assess what skills and resources are needed to achieve the goal and

    which of these things are already available.

► Decide how to acquire skills or resources that are not already available.

    This may be best done through our own efforts or it may be best to

    accept interested partners who have what’s needed.

► Plan the course of action and work the plan.

► Stay focused on the goal and keep dancing with or around any challenges until the desired result has

     been achieved. Turn every challenge into an opportunity to fine tune the vision and clarify the path to success.

Creativity is supported through accomplishments.

When Success appears in your reading, you know what’s needed to reach your goal and you have

the skills and the resources to do this. Trust yourself to gather anything else that’s needed as you move

through the process of achieving what you desire. Move ahead with confidence.

Ease: Skill and confidence to succeed in any situation.

To live the ease of this card, trust your ability to do what you’re trying to do. When decisions need to be

made, be the one who makes  them.  

To support yourself in living the ease: Increase the flow of energy through your solar plexus and base chakras.

Balance the energy flowing through your third eye chakra.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Datolite, Green Tourmaline, Fluorite

Effort: Continual striving toward the next goal.

To live the effort of this card, always keep a new goal in front of you.

To support yourself in living the effort: Reduce the flow of energy between your third eye and solar plexus chakras.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Citrine, Sulphur, Tiger Eye

Key Phrase: I can and I will.


Minor Arcana: Suit of Bridges

                          Individual cards: Nurturers and Keepers of all suits

                                Air: 10  ♦  Fire: 2, 6  ♦  Earth: Achiever  ♦  Bridges: 3, 7, Achiever

Astrological: Mars in Sagittarius in the 10th house

Time of Day: Noon

Direction: South

Element: Fire

Season: Summer

Chakras: Third Eye, Solar Plexus, Base

Colors: red, yellow, blue

Rune: Sigel