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6 of Water ~ History

History walks with every one of us each moment of every day. The history

that accompanies us may be personal, cultural, or the cellular memories of

humanity. This is the trail that has brought us to this moment and each new

moment adds to the trail.

History that we’ve fully integrated sits gently within our being, adding to our

wholeness and enjoyment of life. It may appear as fond memories, pleasant

nostalgia, or well-learned skills.

History that we have yet to integrate remains unsettled in our being and

influences us in moments that carry its echo. It informs our decisions,

emotions, and reactions in ways that respond as much to the history as they

do to the current situation. It may appear as longing for what once was,

defending against repetition of what was, or avoiding memories of another time. Until these experiences

have been integrated, part of us will  continue reliving the history instead of being fully present in today.

History calls us to integrate the past and present so we can create a future based in wholeness.

Creativity is supported through remembering history.

When History appears in your reading, take time to sort out what was then and what is now. Integrate

your past at a level that allows you to grow beyond your established responses. Appreciate each part of your

past and give yourself permission to live today.

Ease: Integration of, and appreciation for, all of life’s experiences.

To live the ease of this card, embrace the past and allow it to settle into its rightful place within you.

To support yourself in living the ease: Balance the energy in your base and belly chakras. Increase the

energy flow through your crown chakra.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Dioptase, Petoskey Stone, Limestone

Effort: Defending against the past or preferring to relive the past.

To live the effort of this card, hold the past as somehow more powerful than the present.

To support yourself in living the effort: Increase the energy flowing through your belly chakra.

Decrease the flow of energy through your base and throat chakras.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Carnelian, Clear Quartz Phantom, Jade

Key Phrase: I remember.


Major Arcana: Spiritual Guide (2), Balance (8), Wholeness (21)

Astrological: Jupiter in Cancer in the 4th house.

                       Jupiter in Cancer sextile Venus in Virgo.

Chakras: Base, Belly, Third Eye

Colors: orange, indigo, silver

Rune: Beorc

Alternate Meaning

A past-life is influencing the situation.