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5 of Fire ~ Challenge

Challenge can come our way because we’re reaching for a goal we’ve

never before met. It can arrive through external influences we have no

control over, or through our own actions that were focused more on the

moment than the future results of the moment.

Regardless of why challenges appear in our lives, they provide us with

opportunities to decide if we’ll shape our own lives or have our lives shaped

by that which is outside of us. They also provide us with opportunities to

expand our capacity to respond to the unexpected.

Every challenge holds within it the information that shows us how to resolve

it to our own satisfaction. The first information it provides is the awareness

that it’s time to get creative again and figure out what will work in the present situation.  

When the path through a challenge isn’t obvious, or appears to be undesirable or unworkable,

it’s time to look a little deeper; the real challenge may be very different than the one we think we’re facing.

Creativity is supported through opposition.

When Challenge appears in your reading, you’ve become aware that there’s still more to do before

you’ll arrive at your desired result. Finding your way through this challenge may be complex, but you can do it.

Pause for a minute and set aside any confusion, fear, frustration, or disappointment. Letting go of your

expectations and ideas about how this should be happening will allow space for creativity and wisdom to

lead the way.

Ease: Meeting each challenge with creativity and persistence.

To live the ease of this card, open to your own creativity and remember that every challenge can be

successfully met.

To support yourself in living the ease: Connect your belly, solar plexus, and third eye chakras.  

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Pink Kunzite

Effort: Creating abundant challenges.

To live the effort of this card, do what you believe you cannot do or what you really don’t want to do.  

To support yourself in living the effort: Expand the flow of energy in your solar plexus chakra and decrease

the flow of energy in your belly chakra.

Carry one of these stones for awhile: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Sardonyx

Key Phrase: Something stands between me and what I want.


Major Arcana: Opportunity (10), Breakthrough (15), Awakening (16)  

Astrological: Mars in Capricorn in the 12th house.

                       Mars in Capricorn oppose Mercury in Cancer.

Chakras: Base, Belly, Solar Plexus

Colors: red, orange, yellow

Rune: Nied