Radiant Wisdom Tarot

                    Insights to help you live the richness

                          of our collective wisdom and beauty.

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Tarot Readings

Wherever we walk in this life,

there’s always a path

from where we are

to where we want to be.

Guidance that will help you

find your path

in any situation

and know how to walk it

with grace and happiness.

Creative Support

Each card’s definition includes

information about how to support

your creativity.

This information is useful for quickly

removing creative blockages

and for supporting creative thinking

in any situation.

The Suit of Bridges

~  an unprecedented aspect of tarot ~

This new fifth suit in the Minor Arcana

is a roadmap to successful manifestation,

providing a valuable bridge between

inspired intention and grounded action.

Radiant Wisdom Tarot is a 92 card tarot deck created on the

foundation of ancestral wisdoms from our many cultures. It presents

a multi-cultural, celebratory, practical, and spiritual approach to life.

This tarot energizes the future with assurance that all experiences

can be lived in beauty and harmony.

What is Tarot?

It is an outstanding tool

for supporting extraordinary levels of

mindful living and

spiritual consciousness.

What is Tarot in your life?

It can help you clearly access

your own wisdom and apply it in

ways that work well.

the emperor tarot the chariot tarot tarot yes no 3 of Bridges - Emulate

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The Tarot cards depict symbols that represent a variety  of

life experiences. Card layouts help the tarot reader know

how the card meanings apply to the situation that’s being

read about.

A fun way to learn tarot is to do many readings using a

variety of different tarot card spreads.

Interpreting a reading is done by reflecting on the symbols

on the cards and their positions in the spread. This allows

the reader to see how each card relates to the cards

around it.

An example of this type of tarot card interpretation:

In tarot the Star indicates a time of being deeply grateful

and feeling blessed.

In tarot the World indicates wholeness and completion that

is all inclusive.

In tarot the Sun indicates a time of happiness and expansive

new experiences.

These three tarot cards appearing near each other in a tarot

card spread can indicate deep satisfaction about the completion

of a significant project that will lead to enjoyable new experiences.